Suleyman Faruk Gozen

I'm a Ph.D. candidate in Economics at the University of Chicago.

My research interest lies in macroeconomics, with a particular interest in the role of technological change and intangible capital on firm dynamics.

In my job market paper, using both empirical and theoretical approaches, we investigate the implications of the intangible capital-skilled labor complementarity on the U.S. business dynamism. We show that the complementarity brings productivity gains, especially for larger firms, accounting for the recent increasing productivity dispersion.

I am on the 2021-2022 job market, and I will be available for interviews at the EEA 2021 and the ASSA 2022 meetings.

Here is my CV, Resume, and Research Statement.

Contact: | Social Platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub


Job Market Paper

Working Papers

Work in Progress

  • Adjusting Innovation: Firm-Level Responses to Trade Shocks, joint with Ari Boyarsky (Columbia Business School)

  • Global Intangibles with Local Humans: The Role of Multinational Companies, joint with Ivan Kirov (Analysis Group)