Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Ph.D. Dissertation Internship

Summer 2021

  • presented one of the chapters in my Ph.D. Dissertation at the Bank’s Ph.D. workshop

  • had one-to-one follow-up meeting with research economists at the Bank to receive feedback for my presentation at the workshop

  • attended the Policy Discussion led by the Bank’s President

UBS, Ph.D. Internship with Quantitative Analysis Team

Summer 2019

  • researched the efficacy of patents as an alpha signal, and how they could be implemented in determining the quality of R&D spending

  • back-tested the patent signal using Python

  • measured the economic value of intangible assets using large-scale patent data along with several firm-level variables

Research Assistance for Professor Ufuk Akcigit, University of Chicago

2018 - 2019

  • analyzed vast amounts of U.S. micro-data on firm-level patents and R&D expenditures using Stata

  • constructed an optimization routine to solve and simulate the model moments to match the data using MATLAB

  • documented the work in LaTeX and GitHub along with organizing all code output

Research Assistance for Professor Kamil Yilmaz, Koc University

2015 - 2016

  • implemented descriptive and multivariate analysis of large volumes of data using R

  • focused on the integration of network and graph theory into macroeconomic analysis and time-series econometrics

  • visualized and analyzed large networks graphs using Gephi